Commercial & Corporate Video Production Services in Grand Rapids, MI

Grand Rapids Video Editing

Our work ranges from; delivering high quality onsite video production, & post-production to larger marketing/P.R. firms, and agencies, to deliver clever creative, and smart video-content solutions for small to large sized businesses and brands.


  • Video Pre-Production ,grand rapids


    “Pre-Production” is the first phase of producing awesome video content. It is CRUCIAL to the success, accuracy, messaging, and final outcome of the video(s) that you receive and will use for years to come ...

  • Video Production,grand rapids


    Lights, Camera…...ACTION! Production is the second phase in producing awesome, EFFECTIVE video content. We use the information, creative, and direction decided in pre-production and bring YOUR vision to life ...

  • Video Post-Production,grand rapids


    In this phase we take all the ingredients we have collected and make a tasty video stew! We use the digital assets we captured in production, along with any assets provided by you or stock resources and craft your video(s) to shape ...

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